Fate Brings You Here

Fate is an interesting concept. Have you ever thought about how we are and the way we are? What connects us to others? What gives us the opportunities and challenges that we have?  Some of us pray to God. Some of us pray to other deities or spiritual guides. Either way, in my opinion, we must recognize the power that fate has on our path of life. You are sitting here reading these words that I chose to type on this screen on my lunch break. I have been thinking about doing this for…years. I chose today, this hour, this minute to do it. You are reading this, by choice, and connecting our minds. We are connected…our souls are meeting. This is for a reason. I can tell you that I am very grateful that our paths have crossed and I hope for that chance meeting at some other point in time.

This is going to be a blog about all sorts of great stuff. Love, loss, lost love, trauma, depression, triumphs, and the falls that come after triumphs. Identity crisis, sexuality crisis, and everything in between are the many topics that have only just started to become unearthed as I have turned 30.

I have also been a dreamer. I was born with a wild spirit and with a soul that was free-loving. I guess I just didn’t know that as life happens, change happens within us. Accepting that change is okay. Embracing that change is okay. In fact, knowing and understanding that we weren’t always perfect is the best way to start moving on from the shit that causes us the worst pain in our lives. We are always a work in progress – even at our best. 

I have seen the world through many a lens. Those lenses are: angry, sad, torturous, harmful, loving, devoted, worshiping, spiritual, self-loathing, and the list goes on. Today, I see the world through a self-loving, grateful, inspired lens and I really like it. I would like to share those thoughts and feelings with as many people as I can. I know what it’s like to be in dark place that feels endless. It may feel like there will never be any light. Trust me…there is light. Your time will come to see it.

Trust. Trust and patience go hand-in-hand. I have had a very difficult time with both of them in my past. However, loving my fate has allowed me to earn a relationship with both.

Friedrich Nietzsche states, “Amor fati.” This means, “love of fate.” This moment in your life is important. Take a second to breathe it in and embrace it. Fate has brought you to this page. Love it. I hope that you come back.

PS. How appropriate is this quote and picture that WordPress supplied for me upon signing up?! #amorfati

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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