So, What’s Your Story?

How do we start telling stories? Where do we begin? Sometimes I ask myself, “Why am I even telling this?” 

Stories connect people to places and ensure that the souls whose paths we cross will never be strangers. However, once that present moment has come and gone, there is the burning question of whether or not that moment is worthy enough to share with the world.

What will people think?

Will they appreciate and value this story and this moment as much as I do? If they don’t…will it lose its shimmer?

The validation of stories and moments doesn’t come from others. Your stories and your moments are owned by you. 

Interpretation is owned by everyone else. Interpretation is also owned by you! You are free to interpret the stories of the free world however you please. The owners of those stories should stand proud, like stone pillars, unaffected. Just as you stand when interpretation comes your way.

I have feared interpretation and resisted it for a very long time. The potential judgement of what others might think of my stories is silencing. I have learned that I cannot change the thoughts of other people and that is not a goal of mine. In fact, sharing my ideas, thoughts, and feelings is not for care of anyone else. As frank as that sounds, I can’t care about the judgement and opinion of others because when I do it creates silencing control and resistance over my creativity.

Stories bring people together. They are meant to connect strangers, bring together families from faraway places to gather under one roof and, most importantly, they remind colliding worlds that love is the perfect prescription to endure bitter conflict and rivalry. For me, sharing stories has always been one of the most important rituals in my life. As I have aged in modern times, I have felt the effects of social judgement and, naturally, this fear of “not-being-enough” resides like a lurking beast in my belly. In the end, ownership is mine (interpretation and all)…and it’s yours, too. But, only if you want it to be.

Don’t let anyone choose your stories.

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