I feel guilty and disappointed for knowing what I know now.

And taking you for granted then.

There are no actions I need to take to rectify these feelings,

They just sit there.

Like huge cinder blocks on my heart.

Weighing down on memories.

I want to relive in a completely different way.

I want to show you my new happiness.

I want to show you I’ve changed.

But, how have you changed?

What will I see when I show you who I am?

I experience a fantasy in my mind.

I imagine a person that doesn’t exist.

A vampire.

He sucks the love from me and gives none in return.

The only difference is you are around at all hours.

Not just in the night.

And I never see you in my night dreams.

Only in my daydreams.

When I am awake.

Fantasizing about who you are now.

And what we could have been.

Cabin Sunrise or Sunset? Montana.

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