{My Vampire}

{Previously published as “Vamp” 12/10/17 in what was The St. Louis Review. Some of you may have seen that version via my post on Facebook. Here is the original version.}


Don’t see the sun.

Drain sunshine from others.

Don’t need it for themselves.


Can last all night.

All year ‘round.

Living off the souls of others.

As they rot away in sadness.

Yellowstone National Park

My vampire.

Wonders, “When will things change?”

“When will you see the sun again?”

“When will the darkness go away?”

My vampire.

He is a lost fantasy.

Yellowstone National Park

He says, “Don’t worry. Don’t leave.”

My vampire knows I need help.

“I can help you.”

He is a mystery to me. I want to know more.

Can he make me feel better?

As he takes a bite,

He leaves me feeling worse.

My vampire is gone and only the mystery is left.

And he took my most precious.

He took all my love.

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