{The Western Light}

You said, “We will always have the West.”

That is the most beautiful connection.

A love connection that cannot be broken.

When we parted ways,

The spirit of the land and the light that we left

Didn’t leave us.

Out West, we were one.

Traveling the same path, spreading the same joy.

It doesn’t matter to me anymore that in the middle,

We didn’t meet.

We didn’t see things in the same light.

It doesn’t matter to me the reasons why.

Your light shined differently than mine.

In the middle.

The Black Hills, SD

What matters to me is the beauty of our lights together.

The brightness, the color, the wild.

In the west.

What matters to me most is that we both felt that strongest light


And that we will always have the West.

That Western light.

Glacier National Park, MT
Badlands National Park, SD

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