A Simple Challenge (Part Two)

And I begin to miss you a feeling that I don’t believe I’ve encountered yet it’s not a sad miss or a mad miss not much of a happy miss. It’s an empty miss. It’s difficult to put into words I don’t know if you’re coming back. I don’t know if I want you to but yes you are missed I can’t say I love you but I probably do. I don’t believe you love me I can’t say I’ll ever need you again or that we’ll ever be the same. I can’t wait for very long. You need eternity. You’ll never truly understand what you’ve destroyed you’ll never truly mend it. If you come home I’ll be smiling. If you never come home, I’ll be laughing laughing at the loneliness we’ll suffer. I can only help so much.

Photo by: @vastdifference // Model: Me! Age: 31 // Chicago

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