Chill Pills

I’m a high school, Special Education teacher and this year, more than ever, I really needed that holiday break. However, for some reason this year the break seemed to drag on a bit long and I got cabin fever and, like many of my colleagues, I was itching to get back to a “daily grind.”

Going back to the school after break is always the same old routine…

“How was your break?”

“Did you go anywhere?”

“Just relax, did ya?”

The security guard of my hallway was like, “So, what are you thinking about for this summer then, Ms. B? Got any plans?”

The “me” from a couple of years ago {even one year ago} would have anxiously tried to think of something to say like…New Zealand! and/or then tried to make my plans to New Zealand actually happen within the next hour.

However, a flash of New Zealand came and went in a split microsecond only to be followed by the words that actually came out of my mouth which were…

“Nope, just one day at a time.”

About 3 days before my holiday break, my relationship unexpectedly ended and that turned my world upside down. I spent many days and nights in a dark place that I just didn’t expect to be in with a light that I could not find let alone turn on. But, at least there was a light in that place. I just needed to choose to get it glowing…if even the littlest bit of a flicker.

I started practicing mindfulness about 3 years ago, but the idea of living in my present moment is more alive than it has ever been in my life right now.

Honestly, nothing in this world is permanent or predictable. All you can do is practice living freely, meaningfully, and in the now. Don’t take your future for granted by trying to relive the past in a different way and, therefore, missing out on what’s in front of you.

Practice your patience – every thing has its time.

Take a chill pill!

Photo by: @priyankarpatra // Model: Me! // Chicago, IL

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