Love Letter Never Read

{A love letter I wrote that I never got the chance to give}

“The universe made the right choice by aligning the stars that mate our souls. I will never argue with that. I will never fight that decision. It’s the single decision that proves that love, lust, passion, romance, and magic exist in our world.

But, that also means I cannot fight and argue with the decisions the universe makes to challenge us and to challenge our love. I can no longer question the obstacles that come in the way of our passion and lust despite the heavy weights of doubt and worry they have brought upon us.

We spend and have spent a lot of time thinking about and wondering about our future. That has stood in the way of our present. Our time is now and our love is now and the universe says so…I don’t want to fight that.

I don’t know how long we will make it. I have no idea how long our love will last. Some people believe love, truly, never dies. Being with you, sometimes, gets me back into old, bad, fantastical habits…

Maybe we will grow old and gray together for all of our days.

Maybe not.

For now…I love loving you and learning more about relationships, love, myself, adventures, and so many other neat things everyday.

It’s a fun journey!

Let’s not take any moment for granted.

They are all gifts. Just as we are for each other.

We possess nothing.


My Natural Habitat // Photo by: @jeffagoldberg

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