Present Moment Living

You can have amazing opportunties to have beauty in a new relationship, new job, or when moving to a new home. But, every day thinking, prospecting, creating stories for the future is one day of damage for that new opportunity.

Don’t bring up situations or thoughts, fears “what if’s,” prospective “disappointments,” “should of’s,” “we can’s” …for an unforeseen future. It will suffocate what is beautiful in the present moment and will smash the precious, fragile gift of new joy that you carry so lightly in your hand. It will crush it to the point that it will be irreparable. You will not be able to put it back together and you will be unable to see what you originally loved.

When you look so far into the future, make up stories and assumptions in your head that you become blinded. You can’t stop and think “What is going on right now and what worries me so much?” You become so out of sync and fearful of a past that you haven’t unpacked.

If you don’t fix what hurt you in the past and remedy it with the medicine that you need, your present cannot be beautiful. You, simply, can’t live a fulfilling life to the point where you are alive in each present moment like it is your last day. You’re actually just hoping you wake up the next day…and that everything is just…better.

And that’s not living. That’s just being alive.

Be around people that make you feel like you are living and dying in each moment…with each breath.

Photo by: Jeff Goldberg // Chicago, IL

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