Hakuna Matata

Over the years of studying Stoicism, philosophy, mindfulness, and, pretty much, just trying to get my shit together…there is one decision that is important when reaching ultimate self-awareness. Are you going to stand with the philosopher or with the mob?

Naturally as human beings we have diversity within us; we are able to enjoy a lot of things that can range from basic to weird to cool to totally extreme. However, our society has taught us that it’s not necessarily okay to express those likes in diversity and show all the sides of yourself, which can create a pushing and pulling/“I am torn” mentality within us.

When this happens it’s important to decide whether you are going to stand with your philosopher (your beliefs & your core values) OR are you going to disintegrate into the mob that is society? The “push/pull” of the pressure that is the mob mentality will eventually tear you apart. Meaning: if you conform to the realities of others (many of them being false) you will never find the happiness that you seek. We live in a society filled with propaganda, visual literacy and rhetoric, and instant gratification. These forces must not consume what your heart and spirit hold true to yourself.

Don’t change your beliefs and your core values to be liked by others or to fit with the “mob.” Stand with your philosophy and don’t fear rejection. Instead, choose to be hopeful for happiness, self-awareness, and all of the true love that will connect with you once you take that first step out of the pit.

Photo by: @matthewfrancisphoto // Willow Springs, IL

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