Passion for Passion

What do you feel when you hear the word passion? Do you feel a certain type of way? Maybe you think of activities that ignite a fire in you that just can’t be ignored, put out, or explained with words from your native language.

Passion is a way of living to me. I believe that passion should exist in everything that I do. When I think of that word, I think of exploration, adventure, challenge, and reward. Most importantly, passion {to me} is connected to love.

I am fortunate and grateful enough to live one of my passions daily. I get to educate the young minds of our world and witness the beauty of the seeds I plant blossom at extraordinary measures.

I also love art. I love creating. I have a passion for building something from nothing either with my hands, my body, my mind. It fascinates me most when I get a picture like this sent to me from a friend that illustrates the process of creation. Not only does it represent two minds connecting on a common ground, but it also shows that any picture can your best picture. When you see yourself shine in all light, at all angles {including inward}, that’s love. When you connect with others {creatively, mindfully, mentorship, friendship} that’s love.

Passion is all about drive, ambition, and fighting for what matters most to you in this world. You might not know it, and you may be doubting yourself every step of the way, but the storms you weather are part of that amazing feeling you seek. The journey is never going to be pure bliss and happiness 24/7/365. But, I can tell you that if you keep doing what you love (truly) at least once everyday, you are on the right track to freedom and self-love.

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