Naturally Free & Primal

“…freedom isn’t secured by filling up on your heart’s desire but by removing your desire.” -Epictetus
What defines natural beauty? These days we see a lot of new tips and tricks on how to maximize the latest and greatest makeup and skincare products. This can make it difficult for any of us to remember the time when we didn’t have to worry about leaving the house bare faced and a head of hair 3 days gone without a decent scrubbing. But, does that define our natural state? Our purest, most natural form?
I ask this because I’ve noticed that there times I’m not “looking” my best when I don’t have makeup on. I’ve been suffering from adult acne more so than ever lately, and the damn bags under my eyes seem to have taken a page from Picasso’s book and, well, let’s just say ‘The Old Guitarist’ is painted on my face.
But, I’ve also noticed that there are days when I’m all done up with a whole face of color and lashes and I’ve thought, “I don’t actually think all of this makes me any MORE beautiful.”
My point is this: makeup, clothing, our cars, even the extra degrees, titles, relationships that we seek and constantly want more, more, more of…those are all external factors that keep us from being free. They keep us from being aware of our truest, most NATURAL beauty, which comes from the most pure place…our soul, our spirit.
So, your most natural beauty comes from within. Of course, playing dress up, having possessions, and pursuing your dreams is NEVER wrong. However, wanting all that you have (and not attempting to fill your empty hands with what you want), everyday means that you are most free and, truly, in your most primal, natural state of being.
Travel on, lovers.
Photo by: @matthewfrancisphoto // Willow Springs, IL

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