Sex & Love // Live

Sex is a very powerful force. It makes people feel alive.

It makes people feel alive – revived – when they’ve been left for dead. It makes people feel alive when they’ve lost all their breath and their last thoughts of love have buried six feet under.

Sex makes people feel alive when their thoughts of love have been turned to ambivalence and neglect. Sex makes people feel their deepest, darkest secrets turn to reality and it makes them become fantastical reality all in one. Even your worst memories and your worst thoughts become dreams and become hope when you find someone that makes sex into art.

Sex can be what you make it. It can be just sex when you’re with the wrong person. But, it becomes the art of lovemaking when you’re with the right person. I believe that what happens when we find that person is immediately we feel that word…“love.” A feeling that’s indescribable and unique to everyone.

After we feel, we think that, then, we’re in love and that’s true. I think when we are with the right person we are making love happen. This is a form of love and it’s okay to feel that and it’s okay to be in love in those moments. To accept that as true and to accept that as real is okay. It’s one of the most natural forms of human life. Let it exist and be true in your reality for the beauty that it is.

Explore the adventure of love in all places. Explore your sensuality. Discover the depths of your soul. The true nature of the lover that you are/can be cannot be uncovered until you have loved fully, deeply, and with a lust for life. Never be afraid to feel.

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