Storytelling is an art form that brings people together. It allows souls to connect through emotional intimacy and exposure of our past lives. What I love about telling stories is that even if they are classified as “fiction,” to me they always have some element of realness to them. My stories are genuine, honest, authentic, and they speak from a time and place that I experienced in life.

When I look back and little stories that I wrote in college or high school, I get butterflies in my stomach like I’m meeting a new, cute boy for the first time. I love learning and reading what my mind was dreaming about way back when and comparing that to how I think/dream/feel in my present moment. I also reflect on what events transpired over all of those years…did any of those dreams come true?

I hope you love my stories as much as I have always loved writing, telling, and dreaming them. I choose to make my fantasies a reality because what else have I got to lose?